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Every year students attending about a dozen university field courses (and nearly twice as many high schools) offered by institutions in Ontario, Quebec and throughout the Maritimes make the pilgrimage to The Huntsman Marine Science Centre in beautiful St Andrews by-the-Sea to complete their all-inclusive field course activities.


These courses are customized to meet the specific needs of the professor and course – presently covering a wide range of topics, including coastal and intertidal biology, marine management and policy, geology, marine mammals, aquaculture, oceanography, and seabed mapping. University courses typically have an enrolment of 25 or less students who study, eat and sleep on the Huntsman Marine campuses (visit here for a description of Student Living). Duration of these courses range from a few days to three months with about two weeks being the most common period. 


Professors are encouraged to connect with Huntsman Marine while developing your field course experience to optimize use of our facilities and local ecosystems:


  • Discuss appropriate classroom and laboratory space, equipment and supplies to facilitate your planned activities

  • Book vessel time aboard the Huntsman Marine R/V Fundy Spray for plankton tows, benthic drags, oceanographic data collection, marine mammal and seabird observations, etc.

  • Identify fieldwork locations to explore the intertidal zone (rocky shore, muddy beach, mixed habitat)

  • Organize Huntsman Marine facility tours (e.g., guided or self-guided Fundy Discovery Aquarium and Behind-the-Scenes; research facilities) and interactions with topical Research Scientists

  • Arrange onsite accommodations for your student number and course duration

  • Plan meals with consideration for known dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian meals may be accommodated although strict vegans are unlikely to be satisfied. Other requests for dining accommodations will be addressed individually, but keep in mind that Huntsman Marine is a field station with food services provided in a dining hall setting and not a restaurant.)

Institutional Members
University of Guelph
University of New Brunswick
Mount Allison University
Other University Courses

Institutional Members

Universities, colleges and government departments qualify to become Institutional Members of The Huntsman Marine Science Centre. Nominal membership fees are paid and reinvested by Huntsman Marine to ensure our facilities are able to support Institutional Member field programs while they also receive the following benefits:
  • Preferred date selection to conduct their field course activities at Huntsman Marine
  • Discounted rates for the use of educational seawater holding tanks, teaching laboratories and equipment, boats, lecture facilities, and meals and accommodations
  • Additional scoring points within defined selection criteria for faculty from Institutional Members applying to the Huntsman Marine Visiting Scientist Program
  • Additional scoring points within defined selection criteria for students from Institutional Members applying to competitively posted Huntsman Marine internships
  • In depth promotion of Institutional Member field courses on the Huntsman Marine website
  • Attendance to the Huntsman Marine Annual General Meeting with member voting rights
  • A proud community knowing that their institution contributes to a lasting legacy as membership fees are reinvested into the Huntsman Marine facilities, often leveraged with other internal and external resources, to ensure we are able to appropriately support their impactful and inspiring experiential learning field course program
We appreciate the continued support of our Institutional Members. For Huntsman Marine, the collected Institutional Membership fees are essential and has allowed us to reinvest in our capacity to support their field course needs when students visit. Examples of such directed investments in recent years include:
  • Re-shingle the roof of Anderson House and complete structural work to its chimneys to give new life to this amazing legacy facility and dining space for visiting field courses for another 20 years ($93,375), and
  • Purchase a new commercial stove for the Anderson House commercial kitchen to replace the old temperamental one following more than 20 years of use ($11,665).
  • Rebuild the second winch on the R/V Fundy Spray to allow safe sampling procedures during education field programs ($19,550),
  • Replace Upper Campus key components as a lifetime of wear-and-tear became apparent, including the walk-in freezer compressor in Anderson House and two new coin operated stackable washer & dryer units for student use during overnight programs ($19,450), and
  • Purchase of a new drying oven and muffle furnace that meet the needs for student work ($5,000).
  • Rebuild one of the winches on the R/V Fundy Spray ($18,975) to ensure its safe use in the future for sampling, and
  • Purchase a new tender and motor ($5,755) for the R/V Fundy Spray given the recent closure of the adjacent SABS wharf with the vessel now berthed on a mooring in Town.
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