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Student Living

Our residences are able to sleep more than 100 students each night who are attending hands-on experiential programs and we prepare more than 10,000 hearty meals each year. Numerous teaching laboratories, classrooms/lecture theatre and the R/V Fundy Spray augment our accommodations to provide a self-contained learning experience all within the Huntsman campuses.

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, as we have become known, is a beautiful picturesque seaside resort community located on a peninsula extending out into Passamaquoddy Bay in the Bay of Fundy. The 55-acre Huntsman campuses are located outside of the general Town activities but still within 20 min walk to the Town square and Market Wharf. Our location provides a safe and comfortable environment that nurtures learning and group activities amongst your peers while attending a Huntsman program.


We are able to accommodate participants with physical disabilities during your stay with the Huntsman, including overnight accommodations, meals, and to attend class lectures and laboratory activities.

All Huntsman teammates who are directly interacting with students are trained in first aid, CPR and emergency procedures as set out in our Joint Health & Safety Committee. The Town has a well-equipped volunteer Fire Department, local Ambulance depot, and contract directly with the RCMP to provide protective and patrol services. Charlotte County Hospital is located nearby in St. Stephen, NB with its 24/7 emergency care services.

Health & Safety



Courses that involve overnight stays typically begin with students in high school (15-18 years of age) and extend to host adults through university field courses and professional development programs. Our broad range of Huntsman accommodations allows us to offer several courses concurrently while ensuring very little interaction amongst the students from different programs and age groups. Specific accommodations include:

  • Apartments – six self contained apartments provide an opportunity for extended visits to the Huntsman campus given their fully equipped furnishings, each including a living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. These apartments are typically used to accommodate university students or visiting professionals who plan to also prepare their own meals while staying with us to complete their education or scholarly activities.

  • Dormitory – Needler Hall houses up to 51 students and teachers/chaperones on two floors. This facility has 19 rooms with 1-3 bunks in each and separate dormitory-style male and female washrooms with a series of sinks with mirrors, private showers, and toilet stalls. Students with physical disabilities are also appropriately accommodated on the first floor of Needler Hall.

  • Hotel Style – Anderson House and Nancy Hall offers eight and 12 single or double occupancy rooms, respectively, with ensuite bathroom similar to staying in a hotel room. These rooms are used by various student programs and professional workshops on several floors. Accommodation for participants with physical disabilities is also available on the first floor of Nancy Hall.


Course participants assigned to stay in apartments are able to prepare their own meals, especially for courses of durations longer than two weeks. More often, participants from specific groups eat together within the extensive dining capacity offered by Anderson House. We take a proactive approach to ensure groups eat together and do so by managing space and meal times. Our Hospitality teammates take great pride in knowing that often times hearty student meals are as memorable as the field course activities!


Programs at the Huntsman tend to be quite busy with plenty of time spent outside in the fresh air. There is some time available to read, write postcards or emails, or socialize with your course mates. Each of the groups of accommodations are also allocated space to allow these moments of self-reflection or interaction amongst your peers while ensuring limited interaction with other groups who might also be using the Huntsman residences at the same time for other academic or personal development activities.


Teaching Laboratories
Our facilities offer three primary laboratories within our Lower Campus complex that are well appointed to focus on youth, high school or university level programs. However, we are great coordinators of space and time so that we might often see high school classes using multiple labs while these are not used for other programs at the same time.


Classrooms/Lecture Theatre
Numerous lecture spaces are located throughout our Upper and Lower Campuses to accommodate various group sizes (from class sizes of 10 up to a lecture for 218 of your closest friends!). These facilities also provide a mix of multimedia and virtual presentation capacity.


R/V Fundy Spray
If all of the above is not enough then wait until you experience the Bay of Fundy marine life onboard the Huntsman R/V Fundy Spray! The R/V Fundy Spray is a 15.24 m (50 feet) converted offshore lobster boat certified by Transport Canada to carry 20 passengers and two crew. The vessel is well appointed with winches suitable to support sediment grab sampling, towing plankton nets, bottom trawling and dragging, trap retrieval, and deployment of other research equipment that will collectively provide the most memorable educational experience that you can imagine.

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