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About Huntsman


Vision, Mission & Values

At Huntsman we strive to deliver the highest quality marine research and educational programs, engage the community in our efforts, inspire stewardship, and encourage sustainability for our marine environment and economy.



Everyday our teammates ensure we are able to professionally deliver on our education and research mission to inspire ocean stewardship. We respect diverse points of view contributed by our colleagues and expect equity and inclusion at our place of work.

Huntsman Marine Science Centre Research


We all walk in the footsteps of giants in Canadian fisheries science while working at the Huntsman and have the opportunity to leave our own legacy on ocean conservation, marine education of future generations, and aquatic research. The Huntsman has grown to be a very diverse operation with aspects touching on numerous sectors of our local ocean economy – education, tourism, hospitality and research.


Huntsman Overview

There is no other institution in Canada like the Huntsman – a private not-for-profit social enterprise with an oceans focused mission that also conducts world-class aquatic contract research services. Our storied past is intertwined with giants in the fields of aquatic and fisheries research.

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