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We all walk in the footsteps of giants in Canadian fisheries science while working at the Huntsman and have the opportunity to leave our own legacy on ocean conservation, marine education of future generations, and aquatic research. The Huntsman has grown to be a very diverse operation with aspects touching on numerous sectors of our local ocean economy – education, tourism, hospitality and research.

We understand that our operations exist within a competitive landscape across all of our sectors and that you have choices on where to give your best efforts. Our goal is to recruit a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and retain those who wish to stay through a compelling mix of compensation, benefits and culture.
Our present teammates represent a mix of both local individuals and those who have chosen to move to southwest New Brunswick to work at the Huntsman. We also have a mix of young professionals who might be working at the Huntsman as their first professional position with more experienced individuals with families.

Our total compensation package is designed to address the expectations of our diverse teammates. We provide a dynamic, fast paced, challenging and professional work environment that rarely presents extended periods of routine. We provide enhanced time off benefits through a mix of additional paid leave days to ensure you are able to recharge while providing competitive compensation compared with our set of regional peers. We also provide enhanced health care benefits and a retirement program so your present and future needs are addressed. We strive to allow individuals to achieve work-life harmony while realizing that each individual has a different fit. As an employer, we are realistic about your employment and provide a safe off ramp – offering to provide professional references and sometimes with incentives – for colleagues who wish to leave their employment.
Each of us also recognizes that our personal contributions positively impact our coastal communities each and every day. Huntsman programs enhance student opportunities within our local schools, our outreach impacts ocean conservation efforts in the Bay of Fundy, and we witness our research results being used within our coastal communities. Our culture is also one of giving as the Huntsman partners with numerous like minded community organizations.
Join our growing Team to Inspire with Us!

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