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Breeding & Genetics

Huntsman is uniquely situated as the only institution in Atlantic Canada, and likely across Canada, that has the experience and capacity to design and manage comprehensive commercially relevant aquatic animal broodstock programs. Our holistic broodstock development approach provides a significant opportunity for the Huntsman to have a measureable impact on local and international aquaculture operations.


Taxonomy & Biodiversity

Huntsman is recognized as a leader in Canadian Atlantic marine fauna taxonomic and biodiversity services since 1977 when our original Larval Fish Laboratory was established. We offer a full service from study design and field sample collection to sample processing, specimen identification and curation, quality control, and statistical data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.



The first graduate student at the Huntsman in 1970 studied the effects of oil spills on the American lobster. Today, we combine our extensive experience to hold and close aquatic species life cycles with world class toxicology expertise and facilities to offer exposure studies using published standard methods and custom study designs for a broad range of contaminants and sectors.


Animal Health

Aquatic pathogens and parasites must be addressed to ensure aquatic food production and security. Our ability to maintain an array of finfish and shellfish species and life stages in freshwater and natural seawater allows us to customize study designs – focused on efficacy, target animal safety, residue depletion, and regulatory data collection – that tackle the most pressing aquatic animal health issues of our time.

Huntsman Marine Science Centre Fundy Spr

Ocean Assets

Huntsman is the only marine focused non-government education and research institution located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy – including New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We also provide students and researchers a safe and stable platform to conduct studies and work anywhere in the Bay of Fundy onboard our Coast Guard certified R/V Fundy Spray with its extensive sampling capacity.


Visiting Scientist Program

The Huntsman Marine Visiting Scientist Program provides an opportunity for early career and senior scientists to collaborate with our extensive expertise while staying and conducting research on the Huntsman Marine campus in St. Andrews, NB.


Huntsman Research

Huntsman is unique in Canada as an ocean focused social enterprise that also serves as a best-in-class aquatic Contract Research Organization. After more than 50 years, Huntsman continues to create a significant impact through world-class aquatic research, as exemplified by the more than 500 peer-reviewed marine science publications supported by our facilities and expertise.

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