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Huntsman Gift Shop

Our Huntsman Gift Shop is teeming with marine and Bay of Fundy themed souvenirs and gift items. We are committed to source items that are produced from recycled materials and provide our guests with items that eliminate personal single use plastics as we strive for a #DebrisFreeFundy.

The Huntsman Gift Shop is located in the Anderson Gallery of the Fundy Discovery Aquarium and near our main entrance. The Huntsman Gift Shop is open at all times during regular general admission and all special events held at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

A wide assortment of fun, educational and sustainable items may be purchased in the Huntsman Gift Shop, including:

  • Marine themed activities and games

  • Adopt-an-Animal gift bag

  • Sustainable plush toys with recycled materials

  • Personal use items that eliminate single use plastics from our lives and the oceans

    • Metal Straws

    • Shampoo and conditioner bars

    • Beeswax wraps

  • Books focused on the Bay of Fundy and surrounding area

  • Huntsman Marine clothing line

  • Huntsman Marine Experience™ gift cards


Your Huntsman Gift Shop purchase will inspire memories of your experience at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium long after you have returned home. These memories are further enhanced knowing that your Huntsman Gift Shop purchase also supports the Huntsman Marine Science Centre ocean mission to inspire stewardship, advance marine sciences through collaborative research, and deliver inspirational educational experiences.

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