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Arts & Culture

Art has always played an important role in science. Huntsman Marine continues this tradition, using its facilities and programs to provide intergenerational opportunities for artistic and cultural expression, as we fill a special place within the fabric of southwest New Brunswick society.

We look forward to increasing our presence within the local visual & performing arts and cultural activities within our community while also connecting more people to the importance and wonder of our ocean! If you are inspired to support Huntsman Marine arts & culture efforts then please donate or choose other ways to support our mission today!

Visual Art – Exhibits

The Fundy Discovery Aquarium has a beautiful art exhibition space located just outside of the Dunn Theatre. This gallery provides us with an exceptional opportunity to showcase prints that highlight the intersection where science meets art.


  • We signed a MOU with Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs (Westwood, MA) in August 2021 to display Bow Seat youth art submissions within the Fundy Discovery Aquarium Art Gallery for at least one month during our open season each year. The exhibit is coupled with a silent auction fundraiser to support our respective ocean education, inspiration and conservation efforts while allowing our guests to take their favorite prints home. Bow Seat was created to uplift diverse youth voices through programming, art exhibitions, publications, and scholarships that advance dialogue and participation in ocean conservation. Each year, Bow Seat invites youth from around the world to participate in its Ocean Awareness Contest and creatively explore human impacts on the health of our oceans through visual and performing arts, writing, film, and multimedia.


  • Each August we celebrate the activities and accomplishments of The Huntsman Marine Science Centre, including an exhibit within the Art Gallery. This exhibit often showcases scientific illustrations that were prepared for the authoritative Atlantic Fishes of Canada book written by Dr. Bev & Millie Scott while employed at Huntsman Marine. We also use this exhibit for story telling as we communicate our past achievements and present education & research activities.


If you are an artist and wish to connect with an exhibition idea for consideration then we encourage you to reach out directly at

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Performing Art – Concerts

The Dunn Theatre in the Fundy Discovery Aquarium provides our community with an exceptional performing arts venue. The Aquarium is fully licensed and open for all 200+ concert participants to explore before, during and after each performance. Each concert has attracted amazing singer songwriters – from emerging regional treasures to established internationally acclaimed performers, many of whom are major award nominees and winners.
During Paddlefest 2021, we hosted our first concert in this series, in partnership with Periwinkle Productions and Paddlefest, and our list of amazing performances continues to grow with each passing year since then as demonstrated by the past and planned concerts below.
If you are a performer or agent and wish to connect with a concert idea then we encourage you to reach out directly to Jamie Steel at

Concert Performances at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium

November 2023

Rose Cousins

May 2023

The Salty Sessions – Celebrating the Albums of Salty Towers (featuring Owen Steel, The Olympic Symphonium and Hot Toddy)

January 2023

Dave Gunning

October 2022

Mo Kenney with Maggie Savoie

December 2021

Hot Toddy and Isaac & Blewet

September 2021

John Prine Tribute Show (featuring Brent Mason, Kylie Fox, Sandy Mackay and Wade Hallihan)

April 2023

Catherine MacLellan

December 2022

Old Man Luedecke and Christina Martin

May 2022

Matt Anderson

October 2021


October 2023

Irish Mythen

March 2023

William Prince

November 2022

Andrea Ramolo

March 2022

Paddlefest ’21 Songwriters Circle (featuring Jessica Rhaye, Kylie Fox, Maggie Savoie and Julie Aube)

May 2021

Art in Education Programs

We are firm believers in the importance of art within science and the ocean economy.


  • Our experiential field programs have often scheduled various history and art connections to expand the learning horizons of visiting students.


  • Our Ocean S.T.E.A.M.™ program includes a specific track of art courses partnership with Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre. Ocean S.T.E.A.M.™ was designed to provide individual high school students with an opportunity to attend an immersive course of interest with other like-minded students and explore future career pathways in the ocean sector, including the visual arts.

Art in Education a.jpg
Art in Education b.jpg

Culture & Tourism


The Fundy Discovery Aquarium is one of the top three tourism attractions within the St. Andrews-by-the-Sea resort community, along with Ministers Island and Kingsbrae Garden – collectively welcoming nearly 100,000 guests each year.
Together, our three attractions have partnered to offer visitors a discounted Explore St. Andrews Pass, which has been shown to expand the number of overlapping tourists amongst the three attractions while enticing multi-day activities that benefit the entire local tourism sector.

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