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Creature Feature Ocean Appreciation Week

Fundy Discovery Aquarium

More than 1,200,000 guests have joined us to witness the height of the world’s largest tides and learn about the marine animals that thrive here in the Bay of Fundy – making the Fundy Discovery Aquarium the highest visited non-government tourist attraction in New Brunswick!


Hourly and Day Trips

Learn more about Bay of Fundy marine life from a professional Huntsman Naturalist. This collection of 2-6 hour Huntsman Marine Experiences™ provides adventure options for all ages, interests and time commitments that are just perfect to round out your next St. Andrews by-the-Sea vacation!

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Encounters with Nature™

Each of our multi-day Encounters with Nature™ offers intimate learning opportunities that are carefully curated to provide special access to landscapes, nature and people that would be difficult to achieve on your own. Subject matter experts serving as your Lead Guide and Guest Experts ensure an insightful mini-vacation for participants of all ages, budgets and interests.


Huntsman Marine Experiences™

Research consistently shows that people are happier after spending money on experiences rather than material things...we couldn’t agree more! Join professional Huntsman Naturalists as we explore life on the seafloor, in the water column, and in the air above the Bay of Fundy!

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