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Huntsman Marine Experiences™

Research consistently shows that people are happier after spending money on experiences rather than material things...we couldn’t agree more! Join professional Huntsman Naturalists as we explore life on the seafloor, in the water column, and in the air above the Bay of Fundy!

Engagement. Discovery. Inspirational. Educational. These descriptors are tightly woven within the fabric of who we are and what we strive for in Huntsman Marine Experiences™. Our suite of Huntsman Marine Experiences™ provides options for travellers of all ages, budgets, ocean interests, and time commitments. A common thread through most is a paid admission to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium admission pass so you are able to explore Bay of Fundy animals on your own after your focused experience. Hourly and Day Trips provide additional depth as you learn about specific aspects of our marine environment. Multi-day Huntsman Marine Experiences™ are perfect immersive mini-vacations staged from a single base camp to allow you to mentally unwind and grow.

In all cases, we remain focused on a core set of objectives when curating and delivering each Huntsman Marine Experience™ to be:

Insightful >

We are the leaders in providing Bay of Fundy education programs after teaching more than 75,000 students of all ages since 1969. It just seems natural for us to unpack our grade school programs to offer Huntsman Marine Experiences™ to the inquisitive traveller.

Intimate >

All of our Huntsman Marine Experiences™ target low enrolment numbers of 4-20 participants. Fewer participants ensures more direct interaction for you with our Naturalists and the greater opportunity for you to learn about our incredible Bay of Fundy.

Collaborative >

We recognize that we may not always have all the assets internally to deliver a specific experience. In such cases, we partner with like minded individuals and organizations to provide you with the highest quality Huntsman Marine Experience™ possible.

Impactful >

Huntsman is a private not-for-profit ocean focused social enterprise. Our incentive to provide you with an exceptional Huntsman Marine Experience™ is that we get to deliver more programs in marine education, community outreach and collaborative research after you recommend the Huntsman to your family and friends.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and promise that you will leave enriched from your specially curated Huntsman Marine Experience™.

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