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Huntsman Marine is committed to provide an engaging and interactive Fundy Discovery Aquarium experience that is accessible and inclusive to everyone, including those with hearing, visual, physical and sensory-processing needs, and dedicated to remove barriers to participation of these guests. We also encourage all guests to provide constructive feedback following your visit so we may improve before your next experience.


Hearing Impairment

Descriptive interpretative panels, species identification cards, and other exhibitory, often with photographs, diagrams and text, are placed throughout the Fundy Discovery Aquarium to provide an educational experience for guests with hearing impairments.

Visual Impairment

Guests with visual impairments will benefit from many exhibits that use oversized typefaces, bold illustrations, and colorful graphics.

A series of Otocast Audio Guide transponders are located at specific points of interest throughout the Fundy Discovery Aquarium to provide recorded audio descriptions through a free downloadable app.

Our staff are also able to provide a gentle tactile experience with many of the invertebrates within the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.


Physical Disabilities

  • Accessibility barrier free parking is provided in designated spaces near the front entrance.

  • Several manual wheelchairs are available for check-out at the registration desk on a first come, first served basis with photo identification. Wheelchairs will be sanitized between each use.

  • Automated main door entry to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

  • The facility is designed with large open galleries that allow for easy access with many exhibits extending to the floor or provide eye-level viewing.

  • An elevator is present to ensure access to exhibits on both floors.

  • Accessible restrooms are located on both floors. The upper floor has separate designated male and female restrooms while the lower floor has separate designated female and family restroom. Note that all restrooms will be periodically closed for cleaning to support our enhanced cleaning measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Designated wheelchair accessible seating with space for companion chairs are available in the Dunn Science Theatre. Please see a staff member for assistance.

  • Note that wheelchair access to outdoor spaces is quite enjoyable with provided ramps and paved trails with gentle slopes but not possible to the beach and intertidal zone.

Sensory-Processing Needs

The Fundy Discovery Aquarium can be a sensory-rich environment given its design with large open spaces and frequent interactions with other guests around exhibits and tanks. Huntsman will accommodate guests that experience sensory-processing needs by:​

  • Opening for entry one hour earlier each Wednesday morning in July and August during our normal summer season for parties that have an individual with sensory-processing needs.

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Care Attendants

Guests with severe disabilities may be accompanied by paid personal care attendants at no additional cost during their visit to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. This applies to all admission and special events that the guest is attending as well as membership, complimentary admission and group sales. Guests with severe disabilities who wish to purchase advance tickets for admission and special events, membership and group sales should call 506-529-1200 to request complimentary companion tickets for a paid personal care attendant. These tickets must be picked up in person by the guest and the paid personal care attendant at the time of entry.

Service Animals

 Fundy Discovery Aquarium welcomes entry of service animals that are trained to perform certain tasks to assist people with physical/mental disabilities and emotional support:

  • Service animals must be identified as such upon entry to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. This will be obvious with some physical disabilities but guests with “invisible” disabilities where the need is not immediately obvious are expected to provide documentation for the need, such as a physician’s note or other certification/identification.

  • Service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered at all times while on the Huntsman property unless doing so affects the performance of the service animal. In this case, the person relying on a service animal still has an obligation to maintain control of the animal at all times through voice, signals or other means.

  • Service animals are expected to be well behaved at all times while in the Fundy Discovery Aquarium or on its premises. Huntsman reserves the right to ask a person with a service animal to leave if the animal is misbehaving or poses a risk to staff, other guests or other animals in the care of the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

  • Service animals should approach all Fundy Discovery Aquarium exhibits slowly to give time for the Aquarium animal to adjust and react to the presence of a service animal. Note that if the Aquarium animal appears distressed or agitated then the service animal should be immediately moved further back or away from the exhibit completely.

  • All staff and other guests are encouraged to not interact with a service animal while working unless its handler gives permission to do so.

  • Service animal relief areas are located outdoors on any of the grassy areas surrounding the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. The service animal handler is expected to clean up after the service animal.

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