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Visiting Scientist Program

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre has a globally recognized aquatic research program that focuses on Breeding & Genetics, Taxonomy & Biodiversity, Toxicology, and Animal HealthOur expertise and facilities have supported numerous collaborative multi-disciplinary research endeavors since our inception in 1969 with these efforts resulting in more than 500 contributed peer-reviewed publications over this time.


The goals of this program are to:

  • Help early career scientists to broaden their research perspective and develop/strengthen collaborative linkages within the Huntsman Marine core fields of research.

  • Encourage senior scientists to share their lifelong research experiences while pursuing a specific passion project.

  • Nurture long-term collaborative partnerships between Visiting Scientists and Huntsman Marine Research Scientists.

  • Prioritize collaboration with researchers who are from underrepresented minorities in the ocean sciences and from Huntsman Marine Institutional Members through the application review and selection process.

Program Overview

Provided by Huntsman Marine

Application Process

Recommendations for Visiting Scientist Applicants

Activities of and Benefits to Visiting Scientists

Expectations from Visiting Scientists

Evaluation Criteria

Past Visiting Scientists

Program Overview

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre has a long history of hosting collaborators to complete ocean focused research. The Visiting Scientist Program was initiated in 2023 to provide a formal structure to welcome applications from academic, research centre and industry scientists at all levels of their professional development for short research visits and sabbaticals. Applicants focused on collaborative ocean-focused scientific activities that align with the research expertise of The Huntsman Marine Science Centre will be given priority through this program. Successful Visiting Scientists generally:

  1. Hold a doctoral degree or the equivalent with expertise that aligns with one of the four core disciplines of Huntsman Marine research (Note: last-year PhD candidates are also encouraged to apply but must be completing all requirements of their PhD program within one year of submitting their application);

  2. Presently hold or are between appointments comparable to that of a Huntsman Marine Research Scientist; and

  3. In most cases, during the tenure of the program, will be on temporary leave from their academic, research centre or industry position (such as a sabbatical or professional development leave) to ensure focus is directed towards your collaborative research while participating as a Huntsman Marine Visiting Scientist.

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