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Children & Families

We promise to not disappoint if you choose to spend your time during March Break or Summer Vacation with our engaging Huntsman education teammates as they provide you with age appropriate hands-on learning opportunities that promote better understanding of our marine and coastal environment.

We welcome you to explore our age appropriate marine science offerings within the tabs below. And, of course, book now to participate in our programs!

If you or your company are inspired to support student educational opportunities at Huntsman then please donate or choose other ways to support the Huntsman mission today!

S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camps

March Break Day Camps

Family Explorers

Toddler Time


Huntsman & Partner Youth
S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camps

Huntsman is incredibly proud to occupy a leadership role to provide learning opportunities to youth who live in or are visiting southwest New Brunswick across a broad range of S.T.E.A.M. topics. We do so by offering our own Young Explorer Day/Week programs with a focus on marine biology in the Bay of Fundy while also hosting engaging third party S.T.E.A.M. camps that use Huntsman facilities to benefit local students. Huntsman Marine Members further benefit by receiving registration discounts to attend all of these camps!

Young Explorer Days & Weeks
Sharks, whales, seals or sea stars… matter what your Young Explorer (5-11 years old) is passionate about, there’s a marine experience waiting at the Huntsman that is sure to surprise and delight! Young Explorer Days & Weeks include interactions with live animals, possible beach exploration, educational games, experiments, themed activities, crafts, and time to explore the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

Day Camps
During Summer 

July and August
Week Long Programs

Snapology Weeks 

Students ages 7-12 will participate in S.T.E.A.M. activities with plenty of brain breaks to keep their interest and attention in these awesome and (shh…) educational camps. They will explore themed activities using LEGO Bricks and other interactive tools to create, build, and invent.

July and August
Week Long Programs

Land and Sea

Offered in partnership between Nature’s Backpack Land-Based Learning Centre and the Huntsman Marine Science Centre for ages 12-14. In this program, we will take a closer look at the creatures and plants that live on the land and in the sea. The morning will start off at the Upper Campus of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre where we explore various “Land” habitats, and we’ll end the day at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium where we will explore the beach and take a detailed look at some of our discoveries in the lab.


We will ask many questions that start with, “Why?”

“Why do plants grow here, and why do crabs live there?”


We will explore and immerse ourselves in various outdoor environments in a safe, inquisitive, and respectful manner, while learning outdoor skills, learning about nature and ecology, and building awareness of our place within it.

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