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Ocean S.T.E.A.M.™
Exploring Engineering Design
for Ocean Applications

April 21 - 26, 2024

This hands-on course will introduce students to the tools they need to understand mechanical movement by focusing on the foundations of simple machines, physics, and engineering design with direct application to ocean industries. Activities will engage students to engineering fields in a fun and interactive style, allowing them to design and innovate with their newly acquired engineering principles.
Example Career Connections: Mechanical Engineer, Oceanographer, Renewable/Alternative Energy Technologist, High School Science Teacher

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Schedule at a Glance

Course participants will explore the scientific methods and engineering design process, develop appropriate strategies for logical problem solving, and learn about engineering principles and energy. This program is very hands-on and the days are full, with one activity flowing into the next, and will include evening sessions. The course is structured to introduce core concepts followed by activities to reinforce each concept with a focus on ocean applications. The following schedule is provided as an inspirational guide, but we may have to juggle activities based on weather conditions for each day.

Day 1
Arrival/settle-in. Orientation.
Day 2
Simple vs complex machines. Boat trip to explore oceanography problem solving.
Day 3
Alternative energy. Tour of Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

Day 4
Pressure and pneumatics.
Day 5
Scientific design process.
Day 6
Presentations. Clean lab. Group photo. Wrap-up.

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