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Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Creature Feature Ocean Appreciation Week

Fundy Discovery Aquarium

More than 1,200,000 guests have joined us to witness the height of the world’s largest tides and learn about the marine animals that thrive here in the Bay of Fundy – making the Fundy Discovery Aquarium the highest visited non-government tourist attraction in New Brunswick!

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Visitor Information

The Fundy Discovery Aquarium is located at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy and perfectly positioned to access one of the world’s most biologically productive ecosystems. Our tides are the highest in the world, shifting every six hours to transform the landscape all around us, and exposing the intertidal life for us to explore.



Huntsman Marine is committed to provide an engaging and interactive Fundy Discovery Aquarium experience that is accessible and inclusive to everyone, including those with hearing, visual, physical and sensory-processing needs, and dedicated to remove barriers to participation of these guests. 



Your Huntsman Marine Membership will provide unlimited daily admissions to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium amongst other benefits while supporting the Huntsman Marine Science Centre ocean mission to inspire stewardship, advance marine sciences through collaborative research, and deliver inspirational educational experiences.

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Huntsman Marine Experiences™

Research consistently shows that people are happier after spending money on experiences rather than material things...we couldn’t agree more! Join professional Huntsman Naturalists as we explore life on the seafloor, in the water column, and in the air above the Bay of Fundy!

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Arts & Culture

Art has always played an important role in science. Huntsman Marine continues this tradition, using its facilities and programs to provide intergenerational opportunities for artistic and cultural expression, as we fill a special place within the fabric of southwest New Brunswick society.


Gift Shop

Our Huntsman Gift Shop is teeming with marine and Bay of Fundy themed souvenirs and gift items. We are committed to source items that are produced from recycled materials and provide our guests with items that eliminate personal single use plastics as we strive for a #DebrisFreeFundy.

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