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Huntsman Volunteer

The Huntsman Marine Docent Team™ is comprised of insightful volunteers who engage guests visiting the Fundy Discovery Aquarium and relay their passion and knowledge of all aspects of the Bay of Fundy. Our volunteers may also acquire experience with animal husbandry, systems care and assisting with special events.


St. Andrews-by-the-Sea is a remarkable community that has a high number of professionals and retirees who are quite knowledgeable about our marine environment. Our community is also filled with generous individuals who have a passion for the Bay of Fundy, engaging with the thousands of tourists who visit annually, and inspiring students about the marvels of our natural environment.


Members of the Huntsman Marine Docent Team™ are generally assigned responsibilities focused on either guest engagement or animal care.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in being a member of the Huntsman Marine Docent Team™.

Guest Engagement

Animal Care Attendant

Guest Engagement

Summary: Guest Engagement volunteers serve as ambassadors of the Fundy Discovery Aquarium by engaging visitors of all ages and backgrounds in individual or small group conversations throughout the facility and its grounds.



  • Initiate conversations with guests while answering their questions.

  • Demonstrate proper animal handling methods of live animals contained with our touch tank.

  • Provide directions to visitors to maximize their visit to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

  • Stroll our outdoor green and beach spaces to provide a presence and enhance visitor experience.



  • Must be at least 16 years old (volunteers under 18 years of age must provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer or community leader).

  • Demonstrate a passion for our local marine life and the Bay of Fundy.

  • Interest in communicating with many visitors on an ongoing basis within an interactive settings.

  • Able to communicate effectively in sometimes noisy and crowded conditions.

  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time during your shift.

  • Must be comfortable going up and down stairs several times during a shift.

  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 11 kg (25 pounds).

  • Comfortable having hands in and out of cold water for extended periods of time per touch tank shift.

  • Huntsman reserves the right to complete a criminal background check and a vulnerable sector check on all prospective volunteers.

  • Complete all of the above while complying with all Fundy Discovery Aquarium COVID-19 operational measures to ensure safety of all guests and teammates.


Time Commitment: All Guest Engagement volunteers are expected to commit for a minimum 2 hour block of time on one day per week over a minimum two month period during our regular Fundy Discovery Aquarium open season (in 2021 anticipated to be 10am-5pm Wednesday – Sunday for minimum of 16 hours of volunteer time).

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