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In Memory Of

We are pleased to play a special role as you choose to honour the life and legacy of a friend, colleague or family member who has passed. Your tribute in memoriam will make a difference towards ocean stewardship, marine education and aquatic research at the Huntsman.

  • Individuals making a donation in honour of a loved one may indicate that you are doing so when completing your donation online. It is also possible to request that a card is sent to the family to let them know that a donation has been made in memoriam.





  • Families may coordinate donations to the Huntsman, in lieu of flowers, in memory of a loved one following their passing.

    • Submitting a brief biography of your loved one is encouraged to post on our website to facilitate in memoriam donations.

    • Huntsman will maintain the specific in memoriam donation page for at least three months.

    • Individuals establishing the in memoriam will be given the opportunity to choose whether the associated donations are transferred for Huntsman Unrestricted, Education & Outreach, or Research Use. If this is not specified then the collected donations will be transferred to the Huntsman Unrestricted Use by default.

    • All donations collected in memoriam that are equal to and greater than $50 will receive a charitable tax credit from The Huntsman Marine Science Centre.


Huntsman is grateful to all of our donors whose philanthropic support over decades have built critical infrastructure, enhanced education and research opportunities, and left a legacy of ocean stewardship for the next generation.


Education & Outreach


In Memory of Pat and Noel Tibbo

Pat and Noel Tibbo were long-time residents of St. Andrews, and loved the town where they created and raised their family. Noel Tibbo was an internationally renowned fisheries scientist who dedicated his career to fisheries research and management. He and Pat valued the wonder and abundance of our oceans. The family has established this opportunity to donate in memoriam in recognition of their dedication to St. Andrews and their outstanding service to their community and the world of marine science. Donations collected in memory of Pat and Noel Tibbo will be used to support the activities of Huntsman Marine Science Centre.

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