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Ocean Test Site

In July 2021, Huntsman secured a 20-year Institutional Lease for a nearby 56-acre ocean test site. Having long-term access to an ocean test site provides considerable stability and predictability to companies locating within the Huntsman Ocean Park as:


  • Innovative knowledge-based companies focused on aspects of the ocean economy are able to position their engineers/scientists, software developers, prototype fabricators, and production functions amongst others within an ecosystem of like minded companies co-locating in the Huntsman Ocean Park land development.


  • All of these companies retain a privileged position as Study Sponsors with the Huntsman whereby their innovative products and breakthroughs are confidentially developed, validated, and perfected within existing Huntsman aquatic research facilities.


  • Access to the ocean for field testing of innovative products is provided by the Huntsman Coast Guard certified R/V Fundy Spray with its extensive gear deployment and sampling capacity.


  • Our ocean test site allows companies to confidentially deploy its innovative products with ease to ensure it is market ready with all of the appropriate development, prototyping, testing, and validation within the Huntsman Ocean Park prior to commercialization. The size of our ocean test site ensures we are able to accommodate numerous companies concurrently while also ferrying your staff and prospective customers to the site to view your innovation in action.



If you are inspired by the Huntsman mission, wish to discuss your company presence within the Huntsman Ocean Park, or place a study using our professional research services and capacity then please reach out to connect today!

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