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Ocean Access

Providing easy access to the ocean is essential for a marine focused innovation park to be effective and support companies developing technologies for the ocean economy. Huntsman is the only marine focused non-government education and research institution located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy – including both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We provide a safe and stable platform onboard our Coast Guard certified R/V Fundy Spray with its extensive capacity to access the ocean so companies are able to confidentially validate their innovations prior to commercialization and sales.

R/V Fundy Spray is a 15.24 m (50 feet) converted offshore lobster boat certified by Transport Canada to carry 20 passengers and two crew. The vessel is well equipped to complete biological and oceanographic sampling throughout the Bay of Fundy. We are also able to deploy specific prototypes, instrumentation, and sampling equipment developed by companies to facilitate your product development and validation process.

If you are inspired by the Huntsman mission, wish to discuss your company presence within the Huntsman Ocean Park, or place a study using our professional research services and capacity then please reach out to
connect today!

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