Walk Between the Tides

This Huntsman Marine Experience™ provides a unique guided excursionto observe like a biologist and explore the Bay of Fundy intertidal zone…






3 hours


Adults: $44.95

Senior/Student: $41.95

Children (10 - 17 yrs): $39.95


Animals and plants that live in the intertidal zone – the land that is exposed when the tide is low – are some of the hardiest in the world. These marine creatures are adapted to survive major swings in environmental conditions. Imagine…..one minute they are exposed to the drying air; the next minute they are under cold seawater. In winter, temperatures on the shore can drop to -30 °C and in summer temperatures rise to +30 °C. Who are these tough creatures? Join Huntsman Marine’s Resident Naturalist to explore the Bay of Fundy intertidal zone and uncover the diversity that call this area home. Bring your boots as we wander in and out of tide pools to peer under the rocks. What we collect, we will take back to the lab for a closer look. Participants will learn to observe like a biologist and also get to experiment with the behaviour patterns of a special group of animals – the Echinoderms.