Group Activities

Entertain your group participants within the only public aquarium on the shores of the world famous Bay of Fundy!

Our educators and naturalists have curated engaging experiences for guests of all ages as you visit St. Andrews by-the-Sea as part of a meeting spousal program, within a bus tour, guests to a wedding, a focused interest group, or any other purpose that brings you to our community.

Tour Groups

Self Guided Tour of Fundy Discovery Aquarium & Beach

√ Up to 100 People

Guided Aquarium Tour

√ Up to 50 People (possibly 2 groups)

Guided Research Lab Tour

√ Up to 50 People (possibly 2 groups)

Lab Activity

- Plankton - Phylum - Echinodermata √ Up to 50 People (possibly 2 groups)

Self Guided Lab

- Sea Monkeys Cant Swim - Right-side Up - Right in the Wrong Spot - Coping with Sea Stardom - Periwinkles Most Wanted - Sinusoidal Motion - Spot Me if You Can - Making a Splash - Scavenge a Selfie √ Up to 100 People

Tidal Trek: Beach Crab Grab

√ Up to 50 People (possibly 2 groups)

Huntsman Lectures

- History of the Huntsman to Fulfill Our Ocean Mission
- Biodiversity of the Bay of Fundy
- Towards a #DebrisFreeFundy
- Aquatic toxicology
- Fish breeding and genetics
- Fish health

√ We would be happy to provide a lecture on a topic of your choosing, please contact us in advance

√ Up to 100 People

Meal (sit-down)

- Anderson House

√ Up to 50 People

- Fundy Discovery Aquarium

√ Up to 72 People

Reception Style

- Fundy Discovery Aquarium

Noon (Lunch) - Only available September (labour day) – May (long weekend)

Evening (Dinner) - Available all year round

√ Up to 150 People

Bag Lunch

√ Available year round

√ Up to 100 People

Food Services