Citizen Scientist Marine Cruise

This fan favourite Huntsman Marine Experience™ provides hands-on learning focused on mid-water and seafloor marine life within the Bay of Fundy…






3 hours


Adults: $74.95

Senior/Student: $69.95

Children (10 - 17 yrs): $59.95


Today, many of our education programs discover the remarkable marine life living in one of the world’s most biologically productive ecosystems – the Bay of Fundy – aboard the Huntsman research vessel Fundy Spray. Join Huntsman educators on this unique 3-hour experience modeled closely on our education programming success. The Citizen Scientist Marine Cruise sails up the St. Croix River where you will learn about the history of St. Andrews by-the-Sea and explore the marine life that surrounds us. During this experience, you will help collect live animal samples and oceanography data that are used to assess local environmental changes. Our Huntsman educators will need your help setting the plankton nets to catch microscopic plants and animals that form the base of most marine food chains. We will lower the invertebrate drag to bring animals from the seafloor community to the surface to have a deeper understanding of the Bay of Fundy. Once we return to the Huntsman, the experience will continue in the teaching lab, where you will have the opportunity to use microscopes and take a closer look at the marine life living in the Bay of Fundy.