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Huntsman Outreach

Huntsman is well known throughout our region for deploying our education and research assets to effect positive change through engaging outreach initiatives that benefit our marine environment and oceans economy!

Our desire to engage our local communities runs deep at the Huntsman. Taking marine animals to classrooms and other group settings presents a unique opportunity for Huntsman to engage our community. Direct interaction with numerous intergenerational community organizations, particularly through use of our Fundy Discovery Aquarium, provides a special place for the Huntsman within our local economy and fabric of society in New Brunswick.

Expanding our outreach efforts to assist industry users directly at their wharves by removing and recycling discarded rope through the #DebrisFreeFundy initiative ranks highly amongst our overall impact on our communities and the ocean.

Together these outreach efforts removed at least 6,800 kg (15,000 pounds) of unwanted rope for recycling every year, hosted over 150 rope repurposing workshop participants, involved 100’s of shoreline cleanup volunteers, and reached 1000’s of students through in classroom sessions.

We look forward to growing our outreach efforts and connecting more people to the importance and wonder of our oceans! If you are inspired to support Huntsman outreach efforts then please donate or choose other ways to support the Huntsman mission today!