Whale & Seabird Classroom & Cruise

Our Resident Naturalist has curated this special Huntsman Marine Experience™ to explore migratory whales and seabirds while they visit the Bay of Fundy…






6.5 hours


Adults: $162.35

Senior/Student: $157.75

Children (10 - 17 yrs): $139.35


Huntsman has reserved 10 spaces on Quoddy Link Marine's catamaran – the largest and most spacious whale watching vessel in St. Andrews – to seek and observe whales and seabirds after our morning classroom session at the Huntsman.

The huge Bay of Fundy tides circulate nutrients up to the surface to provide food for the drifting planktonic community. These tiny animals and plants form the base of most marine food chains. Small fish and krill feast on the rich plankton soup and in turn attract whales and seabirds from all over the North Atlantic.

This Huntsman Marine Experience™ starts in the classroom with an introduction to the diversity of whales and seabirds that can be found in the Bay. Unique museum specimens will be used to illustrate the different adaptations that whales and seabirds have for life in the marine environment. The season is short and when the feast is complete, the whales and seabirds move on. After your own lunch, we will board the Quoddy Link Marine’s catamaran, and set out across Passamaquoddy Bay into the Bay of Fundy to see what species we can find.

Observations will vary each week and sea conditions will dictate where we go. Dress warmly as it can be chilly out on the Bay.