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Huntsman’s primary research vessel is the Fundy Spray: a 50′ converted offshore lobster boat. The boat is certified by Transport Canada to carry 20 passengers and 2 crew. Its size and certification means that it’s able to transport passengers anywhere in the Bay of Fundy, which makes it ideal as a research vessel. It’s able to access areas that are inaccessible to some vessels, meaning researchers can get closer to unique landforms and aquatic environments.

Everything from Trawling to Transporting

The boat’s capabilities include bottom trawling, bottom dragging, sediment sampling, plankton sampling, and most other types of oceanographic sampling. In addition to this, the Fundy Spray has two wet holds that enables the ship to efficiently transport live fish samples back to Huntsman’s lab.

Cruise the Bay in Comfort

The vessel is also equipped with the most up to date technology that keeps it safe and connected. The vessel has a top speed of 17 kts which also makes it ideal for marine mammal and bird cruises throughout the bay. These cruises are an excellent way to take in the Bay of Fundy from a perspective not many others get to enjoy. Contact us today to book.

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