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Goodwin, C., Picton, B.E., Morrow, C.C.,  and Drynda, P.E.J.  (2017). Sponges. In: P.J. Hayward and J.S. Ryland (eds).  Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe. Second Edition.  Oxford University Press (Oxford), pp. 35-65.

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Capatra, S., J.M. Groff, W.E. Hogans, and D. Groman. 2014. Case report: concurrent herpesviral and presumptive iriodoviral infection associated with disease in cultured shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) in Atlantic Canada. Journal Fish Diseases 37(2): 141-149.


Pohle, G., and W. Santana. 2014. Infraorders Gebiidea and Axiidea. In: J. Martin, J. Hoeg and J. Olesen (eds.), Atlas of Crustacean Larvae. John Hopkins University Press (Baltimore), pp. 263-271.


Salvo, F., H. Wiklund, S.C. Dufour, D. Hamoutene, G. Pohle and K. Worsaae. 2014. A new annelid species from whalebones in Greenland and aquaculture sites in Newfoundland: Ophryotrocha cyclops, sp. nov. (Eunicida: Dorvilleidae). Zootaxa 3887 (5): 555-568.


González-Ortegón, E., P. Sargent, G. Pohle and A. Martinez-Lage. 2015. The Baltic prawn Palaemon adspersus Rathke, 1837 (Decapoda, Caridea, Palaemonidae): first record, possible establishment, and illustrated key of the subfamily Palaemoninae in northwest Atlantic waters. Aquatic Invasions 10(3): 299-312.


Friars, G.W. and P. J. Smith. 2010. Heritability, correlation and selection response estimates of some traits in fish populations. Atlantic Salmon Federation Technical Report March 2010.

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Dr. John M. Anderson gave a presentation on Dr. W.B. (Bev) Scott, and his work at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, at the Canadian Conference For Fisheries Research (CCFFR) in Ottawa, Ontario, which was held January 9-11, 2009.

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Halliday, R.G., L. Van Guelpen, and D.E. Themelis. 2012. Demersal fish fauna of the continental slope off Nova Scotia, Canada, based on exploratory bottom trawl surveys in 1994-95. J. Northw. Atl. Fish. Sci. 44: 41-60.

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