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Atlantic Reference Centre (ARC) Services

The ARC provides scientific services for Canadian and U.S. federal and provincial/state departments and agencies, non-government organizations, universities, industry, and the public. We’ve included some of these projects below.

Biodiversity-related projects:

  • Assessment of in-stream tidal electrical power generation
  • Evaluation of Head Harbour Passage, NB for optimal site determination (a Huntsman project in collaboration with Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, and the University of Maine)
  • Hydrographic and biological assessment of four potential disposition areas in the Bay of Fundy, for the NB Dept. of Natural Resources (a project of the Huntsman, Irving Oil Limited, and Jacques Whitford)
  • Characterization of Bay of Fundy biodiversity and environment for strategic environmental assessment (a project of Jacques Whitford, Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research, Devine Tarbell & Assoc. Inc., the Huntsman, W.F. Baird and Assoc., & Jim Calvesbert Consulting)
  • Feasibility testing and protocol development for benthic monitoring of deep-water salmon aquaculture sites using Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology
  • Evaluating biodiversity for marine environmental assessments
    (e.g. ICES Journal of Marine Science 58: 417-426. 2001)
  • Studies evaluating the impact of salmon aquaculture on benthic community biodiversity
  • An examination of options for measuring and assessing the state of marine biodiversity as a tool in environmental impact assessments

Participating Organizations

Huntsman has provided organizational participation, research, advice, literature compilation, identification of knowledge gaps, data contribution, and specimen archiving services for regional and global biodiversity and informatics organizations such as:

  • Centre for Marine Biodiversity
    – founding partner, Technical Committee
  • Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor
    – research, literature compilation, and identification of knowledge gaps, specimen archiving, Steering and Systematic committees
  • Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership
    – founding partner, metadata research and advice, Technical Committee, Metadata Editorial Committee
  • Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
    – research, data contribution, OBIS Canada Steering Committee
  • GeoConnections Discovery Portal
    – research, metadata contribution

Field Sampling

Specimen curation: processing of aquatic biological samples and identification of specimens with recent or ongoing examples.

Marine invertebrate plankton

  • Newfoundland shelf zooplankton (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 1994-present)
  • Arctic & Antarctic zooplankton (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2005-present, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2009-present)
  • Coastal Maine (U.S. consultant, 2009)

Ichthyoplankton – marine, estuarine and freshwater

  • Canadian Atlantic waters (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 1977-1999, 2009)
  • Georges Bank (US GLOBEC program 1997-2001)
  • Maine coastal waters (Maine Dept. of Marine Resources, 1989-2007, Downeast LNG, 2006-2009)

Marine benthos

  • Passamaquoddy Bay settlement community on rock-filled collectors (University of New Brunswick, 2009-present)
  • Musquash Marine Protected Area (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2010-present)
  • Saint John, NB Harbour (Saint John Hbr. Environmental Monitoring Partnership, 2011-present)
  • Newfoundland continental shelf (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2010)
  • Arctic off eastern Greenland (McGregor GeoScience, 2009)
  • Senegal, Africa – invertebrates of rocky shore and seagrass habitats (NaGISA (see ARC Research), 2008)

Fishes, estuarine to deep-sea

  • Canadian Atlantic (unusual fishes captured in research surveys, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 1984-present)
  • Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2006-2007)
  • Gully and Jordan Basin deep-sea fishes (Marine Protected Areas and Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor programs, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2005-08)

Marine pelagic invertebrates

  • Canadian Atlantic (unusual specimens captured in research surveys, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 1984-present)

Gut contents

  • Swordfish (Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2007)
  • Cod, haddock, and larval herring stomachs (Fisheries & Oceans Canada)

Freshwater insects

  • Invertebrate surveys of NB streams (NB Dept. of Environment, 1991-2006)

Scientific Advice

  • Biodiversity Science Board of Canada membership
  • EMAN (Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network) membership
  • COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada)
    – Marine Fishes Species Specialist Subcommittee membership
  • ASIH (American Society of Ichthologists & Herpetologist) Curation Committee membership
  • CHONe (Canadian Healthy Oceans Network) Specimen and Data Management Committee membership
  • Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership Technical and Metadata Editorial committees membership
  • Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor Steering Committee and Systematics Working Group membership
  • Centre for Marine Biodiversity Technical Committee membership
  • Ocean Biogeography Information System Canada Steering Committee membership
  • Peer review of scientific manuscripts
  • Advice to scientists, students, and resource managers

Technical Literature

  • ARC Species ID Leaflet series
  • ARC Information Leaflet series
  • Canadian Technical Reports of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

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