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Visiting Researchers Are Welcome at The ARC

Short and long term visits are encouraged for graduate and postdoctoral students, university and government researchers, and for sabbaticals. Huntsman’s excellent laboratory space and facilities are well-equipped and ready to handle researchers from a variety of disciplines within the field of aquatic sciences. Additionally, accommodation, research vessels, and field equipment are available for rent. These tools are vital to many marine biology research efforts and transporting these resources across long distances can be both expensive and dangerous. That’s why we keep our laboratory well-stocked and research ready.

Applicants for ARC internships and summer student positions are encouraged as funding opportunities arise.

ARC Staff Research Topics with recent or ongoing examples:

  • Marine biodiversity, ecology, and community structure – coastal, continental shelf, and deep-sea benthos, plankton, and fishes
  • Characterization of zooplankton community structure in Canadian Arctic, Newfoundland, and Pacific waters
  • Census of Marine Life: analysis of nearshore benthos at geographically widely dispersed sites
  • Demersal fish fauna of the continental slope off Nova Scotia, Canada based on trawl surveys
  • Ichthyoplankton community structure in Passamaquoddy Bay
  • Environmental baseline research, monitoring, and impact assessment
  • Benthic effects from aquaculture in the lower Bay of Fundy
  • Impacts of rockweed harvesting on resident fishes; rockweed habitat utilization by lobster
  • Chemical therapeutant benthic environmental assessment
  • Biodiversity assessment of existing or potential Marine Protected Areas
  • Ichthyoplankton in Saint John Harbour, NB – development of a monitoring program
  • Census projects
  • Census and monitoring of species in nearshore habitats of Atlantic Canada, New England, and western Africa (part of global Census of Marine Life program)
  • Ontogeny, biogeography, taxonomy, systematics, and evolution of crustaceans and fishes
  • Baltic prawn Palaemonetes adspersus – first record in northwest Atlantic waters
  • Plankton‐caught zoeal stages and megalopa of the mud shrimp Axius serratus 
  • New annelid species from whalebones in Greenland and aquaculture sites in Newfoundland
  • Molecular taxonomy
  • DNA “barcoding” of Canadian biodiversity: select invertebrate groups and Canadian Atlantic fishes, A Fish Barcode of Life program of the Consortium for the Barcode of Life initiative
  • Biodiversity information management
  • Online placement of ARC species information on global OBIS database
  • Regional (e.g. Bay of Fundy) and Canadian marine species registers; history of Canadian registers of marine species 2001‐ Can. Tech. Rep. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 2906
  • Procedures for biological sample processing and museum curation
  • Monitoring protocol for marine benthos: intertidal and subtidal macrofauna.
  • Identification manuals

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