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Mobile Touch Tank

The Huntsman Mobile Touch Tank allows our educators and naturalists to bring the fascinating and wonderful animals that call the Bay of Fundy home directly to you! Our Touch Tank makes a perfect addition to any special event or may visit groups having difficulty to visit the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.


Touch, feel and examine live animals such as crabs, sea stars, sea cucumbers and more! Let our educators and naturalists teach you about these fascinating creatures, in your own space. Do sea stars have eyes? What do sea urchins eat? How do sea cucumbers move? These are a few of the questions we would love to answer for you!


Thousands of children and families have visited our Mobile Touch Tank and taken the opportunity to interact with some of our favourite sea creatures. Contact Us today to determine its availability and cost to attend your special event. Who do you think you will meet?


If you are inspired to support Huntsman presence at special events throughout our region then please donate or choose other ways to support the Huntsman mission today!