Aquatic Research Technician I – Finfish Production & Sampling Focus

SUMMARY: The Huntsman Marine Science Centre ( is expanding its team of technical personnel within its Aquatic Biosciences department. We are seeking to fill an Aquatic Research Technician I position with an individual having specific interest, experience and skillset associated with Finfish Production (primarily focused on Atlantic salmon production and including sampling events with travel). We are looking for a highly motivated, dynamic individual who work well both individually and within a team of technicians and research scientists to conduct a diverse set of confidential research contracts for commercial, government and university sponsors.


WAGE AND BENEFITS: Hourly wage commensurate with experience plus benefits, including health care, annual and sick leave, life insurance and retirement plan available. This full-time position has an indeterminate term and funded through research contracts.



  • Provide full In Life Phase support from egg through to adults of salmonid and marine finfish species including:

    • High degree of focus to participate in sampling events, including anesthetize, measure weights and lengths, PIT tag and fin clip, sex by ultrasound, and harvest evaluate.

    • Feed, size grade, remove moralities, complete necropsies and treat stocks.

    • Conduct controlled challenges, including fish health (e.g., sea lice and Saprolegnia), physiology (e.g., critical thermal maximum) and behavior traits (e.g., boldness).

    • Spawn adults, including collect milt by catheter and strip eggs, prepare and use solutions to activate, extend and cryopreserve milt and maintain records.

    • Monitor and adjust water quality parameters (e.g., water flow, dissolved oxygen, temperature, total gas pressure, nitrogen saturation, conductivity, pH, carbon dioxide, etc.).

    • Set-up, monitor and maintain flow-through and recirculation aquaculture systems.

    • Clean, disinfect and establish pathogen barriers for staff, equipment and trucks entering the Huntsman facilities.

  • Comprehend, assimilate and adhere to regulatory requirements, laboratory Standard Operating Procedures, study protocols and other instructions while implementing project specific husbandry tasks and data collection activities.

  • Record raw data promptly and accurately and in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, and are responsible for the quality of their data.

  • Participate in preparing Standard Operating Procedures related to project activities.

  • Verify data recorded on DCFs to ensure compliance with department Standard Operating Procedures and Study Plans as necessary.

  • Overall organization and tidiness of designated research spaces.

  • Other duties may involve preparation of analytical standards, reagents, and/or solutions; preparing appropriate glassware; maintaining thorough documentation; and work with diverse analytical instrumentation.

  • Reliably work independently as well as within a team of study participants having diverse talents and personalities.

  • Cross training in other department disciplines as needed to meet project and business demands.

  • Exercise health and safety precautions to minimize risk to themselves and to ensure the integrity of the study.



  • Relevant Bachelor degree or technical diploma or equivalent experience.

  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, while being detail-oriented and efficient.

  • Demonstrated experience (2-3 years) with working directly in finfish culture.

  • Proficiency in computer use including spreadsheets, word processing and internet is expected.

  • Physical ability to perform assigned duties that may require work in adverse environmental conditions; and/or carry or lift heavy materials; and/or work with toxic, volatile, and corrosive chemicals or carcinogenic substances.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

  • Valid driver’s licence – class 5.

  • Ability to work weekends and holidays, answering emergency calls and shift work as part of a staff rotation is expected.

  • Able to travel out of province for week long periods to complete sampling events.

  • Ability to legally work or obtain a Visa to work in Canada.



  • Desire to apply present skills across a broad range of finfish salmonid and marine species, including possibly live feed production (e.g., rotifers and Artemia).

  • Experience with analytical instrumentation, such as balances and microscopy, is an asset.

  • Conducting research within a Good Laboratory Practice setting is a plus.


APPLICATION: Applications are being accepted immediately with the position anticipated to begin as soon as possible. Applicants should indicate current citizenship and work permit status for employment in Canada. Individuals presently residing within the Atlantic Canadian provinces will be given priority due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, although Canadians and permanent residents to Canada will be given full consideration.


Send single electronic submission with cover letter, CV and three references (including e-mail and telephone number) to:


HR Office

Huntsman Marine Science Centre

1 Lower Campus Road

St. Andrews, NB

E5B 2L7