{"type":"link","version":"1.0","title":"Play","description":"The Huntsman is the perfect place to host events for small to medium sized groups. We have flexible gathering spaces for break out sessions, receptions and theatre presentations. With in-house science expertise, we can provide itineraries for small to medium sized groups to enhance the Bay of Fundy experience with unique learning activities about the marine environment through guided tours and hands-on science labs. We aim to make your stay with us an experience unlike any other. \r\nCall (506) 529-1200 or email huntsman@huntsmanmarine.ca to start planning your experience now.","url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca\/stay\/play\/","provider_name":"Huntsman Marine Science Centre | St. Andrews | New Brunswick","provider_url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca","published_time":"2017-03-28T17:31:54+00:00","modified_time":"2017-06-15T14:13:30+00:00"}