{"type":"link","version":"1.0","title":"Facility Rentals","description":"Huntsman is a unique, well-equipped location perfectly suited for hosting a variety of events: everything from wedding receptions to corporate meeting space. When you host your event at the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium, you do more than provide your guests with a unique experience; you are helping to support a not-for-profit organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality marine research and educational programs, engaging the community in our efforts, inspiring stewardship, and encouraging sustainment of the marine environment and economy. Make Huntsman your top destination for your next event.","url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca\/fundy-discovery-aquarium\/facility-rentals\/","provider_name":"Huntsman Marine Science Centre | St. Andrews | New Brunswick","provider_url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca","published_time":"2015-08-12T14:49:16+00:00","modified_time":"2015-10-12T13:37:34+00:00"}