{"type":"link","version":"1.0","title":"Education & Outreach","description":"Nobody in New Brunswick is ever more than 200 km from the ocean. Its health affects every visitor and resident in the province and our future may very well be determined by how well we connect to the ocean's resources! The mission of the Huntsman Education Department is to help foster the \"active stewardship\" of our oceans and educate students about their critical role in this global mission. \r\n","url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca\/education-outreach\/","provider_name":"Huntsman Marine Science Centre | St. Andrews | New Brunswick","provider_url":"http:\/\/www.huntsmanmarine.ca","published_time":"2015-03-24T12:11:07+00:00","modified_time":"2018-02-09T18:01:27+00:00"}