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Daily Feedings


  • 10:15 am & 3:00 pm
  • Located in Gallery III (lower level). Your Aquarium Interpreter will be on hand to explain the uniqueness of these gentle creatures and their relationship with the Bay of Fundy.
  • Duration: 15 minutes


  • 10:35 am & 3:30 pm
  • Join us in Gallery III (lower level) to learn more from your Aquarium Interpreter about this fascinating species, including their journey in the wild
  • Duration: 15 minutes


  • 11:00 am & 4:00 pm
  • In Gallery II and on the outside deck our Harbour Seals, Loki and Snorkel, will entertain you by interacting with your Aquarium Interpreter during their daily feedings.
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Behind the Scenes Tour

  • Times and locations are posted daily
  • Behind the Scenes is an hour long, guided tour of generally 10 or less people. One of our knowledgeable interpreters will suit you up in rubber boots and take you behind all of the locked doors of your aquarium. There are 4 to 5 stops on the tour.  Some of the animals we have in the aquarium are found only in our behind the scenes tanks and can change, depending on what is happening in your aquarium
  • Feed some of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ animals.
  • Learn about our animal care, water systems and how we filter and recirculate our water.
  • Understand how we feed and keep our animals healthy.
  • Examine microplankton under a microscope.
  • Observe some strange preserved fish specimens.

Just Out Of The Blue…

Touch Pool and Skate Tank Time

Join your Aquarium Interpreter in Gallery II and discover the characteristics of these critters, including what they eat, their predators and how they survive.  Duration: 15 minutes.

Bay of Fundy Fishes

Predator or Prey? Join your Aquarium Interpreter in Gallery III (lower level) to watch the unique behaviours of Bay of Fundy fish during their feeding time. Duration: 15 minutes.

Saltwater Hide & Seek

Sculpin, ocean pout and flounders are tricky to find, hiding in their habitat, but when their food comes out it’s a scurry of activity that will surprise you every time! Meet your Aquarium Interpreter in Gallery III (lower level). Duration: 15 minutes.

Dive Team

It is fascinating to watch and interact with your Aquarium diver during routine maintenance of the underwater tanks! If you spot him, give a wave and let him know you’re here!


Sea & Do More…

Feature Films and Videos

Sit back and relax and relax in the theatre with marine related films and videos that are included as a part of your daily admission.
*Films play on a continuous loop from 10am-5pm and changes weekly.


Scavenger Hunt

Take a self-guided tour with a fun activity sheet that will engage children challenges such as finding animals with specific behaviours and some that may be hiding in plain sight! Return your sheet to the admissions desk to collect your prize and receive an answer key.

Beach Walk (According to Tidal Schedule)

Please enjoy the walking trail that leads to the shore of the Saint Croix River. Enjoy the coastal scenery and take a look around, you may find some creatures you’ve seen in your aquarium! Please keep in mind that the tides move quickly.


Grab a coffee, a snack, and have a seat on our new viewing deck as you watch the tides go by. Enjoy our free WiFi as you post and share your memories-in-the-making! Don’t forget to tag us in your social media feeds!


Our other activities include our educational Day Camps and more!  To learn more about what’s happening at Huntsman everyday download your Huntsman Aquarium Summer Schedule 2017!



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