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Introduction to Marine Biology – July 8 – 12, 2019

Age: 15 to 18
Fee: – Early Bird Registration by May 9th $670 – Regular Course Fee $695

Come and explore the shores of the Bay of Fundy with students who share your interest in marine life and the unique environment that supports it. This hands-on field course will introduce participants to the animals hiding under the seaweed, under the rocks, in the mud. Bring a bucket. What you collect is what you will study back in the lab. Once you understand the basics you will be able to assist with the collection of  baseline data for a number of on-going research projects. The climate is changing, animals are adapting, be part of the data collection team.

Participants will learn about:

  • marine invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystems
  • life contained in a drop of seawater
  • the threat of invasive species, such as green crabs and tunicates
  • the importance of long term data sets
  • their own power of observation and more….

Fee includes: four night dormitory accommodation, all meals from Monday supper to Friday breakfast, boat and lab fees, aquarium admissions and taxes. You just need to find your way to St. Andrews , NB.


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