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DNA Barcoding Applications In Biodiversity Research

October 17-19, 2018

Workshop Fee: $750 CAD: Includes 3-days instruction, lunch and coffee breaks each day, and all taxes.
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Workshop description:

DNA barcoding is a common approach towards identifying organisms and assessing biological diversity using short,     standardized gene fragments. This three day workshop will provide a practical overview of the conceptual and logistical aspects of standard operations of the DNA barcoding analytical pipeline. The course is geared towards researchers and practitioners with interest in biodiversity, ecology, biosurveillance, phylogeography, biomonitoring, conservation,  fisheries, biological invasions and adjacent areas of enquiry or application.

Topics covered will include:

  • Best practices in collection management compatible with downstream molecular genetic analysis.
  • Main stages of molecular analysis and specifics of different types of barcoding workflows (routine medium throughput analysis, forensic/single sample analysis and metabarcoding).
  • DNA barcoding informatics (assessing sequence quality, estimating molecular biodiversity, identifying unknown         sequences against reference databases).
  • Community standards and best practices for building and using reference DNA barcode libraries.

A hands-on informatics session will explore the functionality of the Barcode of Life Data System (BOLD), the standard online repository and analytical workbench for DNA barcode data, and common third-party software packages (BioEdit and MEGA) for aligning and comparing DNA barcode sequences. Group discussions will explore the ways in which DNA barcoding could be used in particular research project settings or for specific applied needs. Participants are encouraged to bring their own datasets (collection provenance information and/or sequences) to use during the practical informatics sessions.

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