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All Things Marine – Summer – July 30 – August 2, 2019

Open to family and friends, ages 10 years and older
Fee: $499 per person (based on double occupancy)
Family/Group of 4 Fee: $399 per person (based on quadruple occupancy)

Canada’s Bay of Fundy is an excellent outdoor classroom. The daily cycle of the eight meter tide stir up nutrients which provide the essential base for many marine food chains. Twice a day as the tide recedes the ocean floor is exposed  allowing terrestrial creatures, like us, to explore.  Join us as we venture out into this unique environment to see what we can discover and what the tide has left behind. What we catch and collect is what we will observe more closely back in the lab when the tide returns and covers our playground.


  • the wonderful and unique biodiversity of our local ecosystems
  •  drifting plankton community that starts most marine food chains
  • marine invaders new and old
  • art and photography skills you didn’t know you had
  • St. Andrews-by-the-sea maritime connections past and present

Fee covers three night en-suite accommodation, nine meals from Tuesday supper to Friday lunch, all instructional fees, boat and lab rental, Aquarium admission and taxes. You just need to find your way to St. Andrews , NB.


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