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Statistical Data

Students taking part in Huntsman courses help collect valuable baseline data that is contributed to many different programs. We believe that students can begin becoming active stewards for marine life at an early age, and we do our best to help students feel like a part of the Huntsman research community.

Whale Sightings – Fin, Minke, Humpback, and the rare North Atlantic Right Whale come to the Bay of Fundy to feed each Summer and Fall. Many of Huntsman’s student groups go out to observe these impressive animals. Their species sightings with GPS locations are recorded and shared with the following files.

  • Whale Sighting Information 2008 (Data) (Map)
  •  Whale Sighting Information 2009 (Data) (Map)
  •  Whale Sighting Information 2010 (Data) (Map)
  • Whale Sighting Information 2011 (Data) (Map)
  • Whale Sighting Information 2012 (Data) (Map)

European Green Crab: monitoring data from Pottery Creek

Oceanography Data – St. Croix Islands: temperature and salinity

Oceanography Data – Brandy Cove: temperature and salinity

Oceanography Data – Passamaquoddy Bay: temperature and salinity

Fish Trawl Data – Passamaquoddy Bay


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