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School Programs – Grade K to 7

Aquarium Tour & 1 Lab Activity Fee: $15.50 per student
Aquarium Tour & 2 Lab Activities Fee: $20.50 per student
Chaperone Fee: see aquarium admission price

Pre-K and Kindergarten – Sensational Animals!

Come and meet our sense-sational animals, such as prickly urchins and slippery sea cucumbers using your senses of touch and sight. Students will learn how lobsters and fish use different methods to “touch” their surroundings. Plus make a fun ocean craft to take home!

Curriculum outcomes touched on: science K 3.3, art education, language arts, health and mathematics.
Length: 45 minutes


Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 – Super Seals!

Learn about harbour seals as we discuss their lifecycle, play mother and pup communication games, and move just like they do in the wild. Students will have the opportunity to observe our two resident harbour seals, Loki and Snorkel.

Curriculum outcomes touched on: science K 3.3, 1.2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.3, art education, language arts, music and physical education.
Length: 45 minutes


Grade 3 and 4 – Hiding in Plain Sight

Join us to learn how some of the animals in the Aquarium use camouflage to hide from their predators and from their prey. Who will you find hiding in plain sight?

Curriculum outcomes covered: science 102-12, 205-5, 300-1 and language arts.
Length: one hour


Grade 6 and 7 – Awesome Arthropods!

Come and interact with a variety of live marine arthropods, such as barnacles, rock crabs, and hermit crabs! Learn about the characteristics of arthropods and how they survive in different ecosystems.

Curriculum outcomes covered: science 104-8, 205-7, 206-1, 300-16, 300-18, 109-12, 209-4 and 306-3.
Length: one hour


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