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Ocean Exploration for Homeschoolers

Bring your rubber boots, jacket, sunscreen and clothing to get wet and dirty! Please register in advance.

Time:  9:15am to noon (program begins at 9:30)
Fee: $23 per child (per program)
Information | Registration:  Huntsman Application Form

Seabirds of the Bay of Fundy

December 6 or 8, 2016

Imagine living your whole life at sea, only coming on land to raise your young. Join us to learn about seabirds and the cool adaptations they have to live in the open ocean.


Whale Show & Tell

January 17 or 19, 2017

Dive into the watery world of the Bay of Fundy giants. Learn about whales using bones, size activities and sound experiments.


Atlantic Salmon Life Cycle & Migration

February 21 or 23, 2017

Atlantic salmon have an amazing life cycle that takes them from freshwater to saltwater and back again. Learn about salmon migration and the different life stages.


Beach Exploration at Indian Point

Field Trip

June 27, 2017

Explore the diversity of animals that live under the rocks and seaweed when the tide goes out. Meet at the Science-by-the-Sea kiosk (located by the Kiwanis Oceanfront Campground) with your rubber boots on for a morning of fun searching for crabs, sea stars, urchins and more.

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