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Ocean Exploration for Homeschoolers

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre welcomes homeschool students to participate in field explorations and hands-on labs about our local ocean habitat.  Each program will include approximately one and a half hours in the lab and one hour caring for the animals in the aquarium by helping to prepare food and assist in feedings.

Please register in advance.

Time:  9:15am to noon (program begins at 9:30)
Fee: $23 per child (per program)
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Challenges of the Deep Sea
December 4 or 6, 2018
Join us to learn about the creatures of the deep sea and the cool adaptations they have to live in this challenging environment.

Life in a Drop of Water
January 15 or 17, 2019
Peer into a world that few see, while exploring the amazing microscopic life that lives in a drop of water from the bay. We will be using microscopes and learning how to identify plankton.

Lovely Lobsters
February 19 or 21, 2019
Dive into the watery world of lobsters and other marine arthropods such as crabs, barnacles and hermit crabs. Did you know that lobsters can be left-handed?

Beach Exploration at Indian Point
Field Trip
June 21, 2019
Explore the diversity of animals that live under the rocks and seaweed when the tide goes out. Wear your rubber boots and prepare for a morning of fun searching for crabs, sea stars, urchins and more! Meet at the stairs with the sign ’Beach Access’ in front of the Kiwanis Oceanfront Campground.

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