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Advanced PRIMER 7 / PERMANOVA+ Workshop

May 7th to May 11th, 2018

Course Registration Fee:
Academics / Professionals: 
Full-time Students: 

Accommodation and Food (per person)
Choose one of the following:
5 nights, double occupancy ($330) + all meals and breaks ($350)
Academics / Professionals $680 | Full-time Students $680

5 nights. single occupancy* ($660) + all meals and breaks ($350)
Academics / Professionals $1012| Full-time Students $1012

*subject to availability

All prices are in Canadian dollars. The course fee includes all workshop materials, free guest Wi-Fi at the venue and (if needed), a temporary (fully functional but time-limited) software licence key(s) for PRIMER version 7 with PERMANOVA+ for the registrant to use during the workshop. The course fee does not include meals, accommodation or the separate (discounted) costs of purchasing time-unlimited software (see below).

Workshop Information Workshop Information

Registration Form:  Registration Form

Workshop Agenda: Advanced PRIMER 7 / PERMANOVA+ Agenda

Travel Information: (Coming Soon)

Workshop description: This Advanced PRIMER 7 / PERMANOVA+ workshop is one week long (Monday – Friday, 08:15 to 17:15 on each day). This workshop will provide an overview of statistical methods in non-parametric analysis of multivariate data, encapsulated in the recently released software: PRIMER version 7. It will cater primarily to those who have some working experience of PRIMER but are keen to learn about the latest developments in version 7. Important new tools include: shade plots with flexible ordering & clustering of axes; coherence plots to show species displaying statistically distinguishable response patterns; unconstrained binary or divisive flat clustering (as in k-means) along with SIMPROF tests; metricthreshold metricnon-metric or combined MDS in any dimensions; bootstrap averages to show variation among averages in metric MDS space; new plot types (bar, box, means, line, histogram, scatter, surface, shade). in 2-d or 3-d; animations of ordinations captured to video files; multi-factor and multi-variable segmented bubble plots in 2-d and 3-d; and much more.

This workshop will also provide an overview of the methods in the PERMANOVA+ add-on package for PRIMER. PERMANOVA+ allows more formal models, tests and predictions for multivariate (or univariate) ecological (and other) data in dissimilarity spaces. Participants will explore partitioning multivariate variation in complex experimental/ sampling designs, including interactions, contrasts, fixed or random effects, crossed or nested (hierarchical) multi-factor mixed models (PERMANOVA); tests for homogeneity of dispersions and analyses of beta diversity (PERMDISP); multivariate regression and model-selection procedures (DISTLM); unconstrained (PCO) or constrained ordinations using distance-based redundancy analysis (dbRDA) or canonical analysis of principal coordinates, as well as predictive canonical models (CAP).

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