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Road Scholar – Phenomenal Fundy: Marine Biology Camp With Your Grandchild

In a land of rocky cliffs, idyllic coves, peninsulas and scattered hamlets where seagulls outnumber the locals, tap into your inner oceanographer with your grandchild during a special educational adventure. Experience the Bay of Fundy tides — highest on the planet at 50 feet — and at low tide discover sea caves and animals hiding under seaweed, rocks and in the mud. Stay three nights at a marine research center, venturing out by boat to watch and learn about whales and other wildlife in this unique ecosystem. The tides change twice a day, and after your week of making awesome marine discoveries with your grandchild, you’ll leave changed, too.

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Road Scholar – Phenomenal Bay of Fundy: Marine Biology & Oceanography

Explore the Bay of Fundy coast along beaches, across the ocean floor, on the water and through picturesque towns, islands and villages. Discover the historic, seaside resort town of St. Andrews by the sea where generations of Canada’s elite summered. From your base at Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, learn about this unique ecosystem on field trips with scientists and researchers. With local experts, explore some of Fundy’s best-known Isles, including Campobello Island, home to the Roosevelt family’s summer retreat as well as the unique, tidal Minister’s Island.

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Road Scholar – Best of New Brunswick: Three Cultures, Three Shores

Observe and experience the melding of the human and natural history that shaped New Brunswick as you explore three sea shores: the phenomenal Bay of Fundy and its highest tides, the Straight of Northumberland and the Bay of Chaleur. Learn about the heritage of the Wabanaki Confederacy of First Nations People, the French Acadian residents and European colonists through historians and the stories of local families, and sample Aboriginal and Acadian meals prepared from local gardens and the sea. Experience the legislature and museums in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s beautiful Capital City on the Saint John River and familiarize yourself with the microcosm of New Brunswick as you discuss the issues, strengths and challenges of Canada’s only bilingual province.

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