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Grade 8 to 12 Experiential Field Programs

Located at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, the Huntsman is perfectly positioned to access one of the world’s most biologically productive ecosystems.

Our hands-on education programs are taught by qualified and experienced staff to match the grade, interest, and intensity of each class.   An individual schedule is set up around low tide times; in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Schedules may include:

  • Research vessel cruise (plankton tow, benthic drag, oceanographic data collection)
  • Intertidal zone exploration (rocky shore, muddy beach, mixed habitat)
  • Field work (zonation, invasive species, periwinkle mark/recapture)
  • Labs (plankton identification, invertebrate classification, seaweed, invertebrate behaviour)
  • Presentations (lobster, whales, invasive species, deep sea, aquaculture)
  • Tours (on campus aquarium and research facilities)
  • Marine mammal and seabird cruise (in season)
  • History and art as connections (when required)

Program fees include residence and meals on the Huntsman campus, boat, lab fees, and admission to the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium. Wi-Fi is also included.

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