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M.Sc. Opportunity (January 2020 to December 2021)

Metabolic effects of long-term hyperoxic rearing and normoxic recover in farmed Atlantic salmon

Based out of Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB (www.mta.ca) to complete project tissue analysis with opportunity to receive live fish handling experience at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (www.huntsmanmarine.ca) in St. Andrews, the student will be co-supervised by Drs. Andrea Morash and Tyson MacCormack (MTA) and Dr. Ehab Misk (Huntsman).

Requirements: Relevant B.Sc. degree in biology or biochemistry. We are looking for a student who is highly motivated, independent, and has an interest in applied biology.

Assets: Prior experience in metabolic biochemistry or animal physiology; familiarity with relevant laboratory methods and equipment, data entry and statistical analysis.

Project Overview: A related study conducted at the Huntsman with industry partner GIS Gas Infusion Systems Inc. (GIS) demonstrated that Atlantic salmon reared under hyperoxic conditions grew quicker with higher survival than those reared under normoxia. This is beneficial in commercial settings as fish can be transferred to sea cages earlier and reach market size in less time. Tissue samples and morphometric data were collected from study fish throughout the oxygen treated freshwater rearing and normoxic seawater recovery periods of the study. Overall, this M.Sc. project has three primary objectives:

  1. Apply learned biochemical analyses on several Atlantic salmon tissues to elucidate rearing condition effects and pathways.
  2. Understand how long-term hyperoxic freshwater rearing conditions impacts the metabolism and physiology of the exposed Atlantic salmon.
  3. Determine impacts of long-term hyperoxic freshwater conditions on smolting and recovery upon seawater transfer.

Funding: The selected student will be offered a very competitive 2-year stipend to complete the project and their related studies.

To apply for this position, please email a CV, statement of interest, academic transcripts, and contact information for at least two academic references.


Applications are to be sent to Dr. A. Morash (amorash@mta.ca) and Dr. T. MacCormack (tmaccormack@mta.ca)


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