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ST. ANDREWS – Some of the most recognizable and fascinating sea creatures around are making an appearance at the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium this week with the opening of a new seahorse exhibit.

The lined seahorse is actually a species of fish sometimes found off the coast of Nova Scotia, but more often along the southern US coast into the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. These fascinating fish swim upright, and their tail holds on to sea grass blades, coral, and other objects. Their colour and markings vary greatly. They at tiny crustaceans, mysids and zooplankton and, as they have no stomach, seahorses have to eat regularly.

Another interesting fact about these beautiful creatures is that it is the male that has a brood pouch on his abdomen and carries the eggs, for 20-21 days, before giving birth to the tiny juveniles.  The lined seahorse is listed as “vulnerable” due to loss of habitat, accidental catch, and the aquarium and traditional medicine trade.  The seahorses at the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium were donated by the Aquarium du Quebec.  Some of the fish are in quarantine, while some of the larger and more colourful specimens are being displayed.

The aquarium is continuing with its fund-raising efforts for the new creatures, to assist with their upkeep, as they need their water temperature to be quite high, and feeding. A permanent display will go up alongside their tank shortly, with the names of all of those who have donated $5 to the aquarium for the display. Donations can still be made online or at the aquarium gift shop.

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