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The Fundy Discovery Aquarium, a part of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, is constructing a new exhibit!

The latest addition to the aquarium will be a seahorse exhibit, featuring lined seahorses. The species, Hippocampus erectus, was found frequently in the Bay of Fundy, however it is now only a rare visitor to the area. The lined seahorse is considered to be a species in danger and, therefore, the aquarium is hoping that it can help the conservation effort by keeping, and also in conjunction with the Huntsman’s aquaculture department, breeding the popular animals.

The two most recent fund-raisers have been children’s donor walls, featuring a seal image with the names of over 1,000 children’s names, however, the seahorse exhibit will be open to all ages.

The aquarium has again set a target for 1,000 names, which will be displayed on the exhibit. As seahorses live in temperatures in the high 20s, a stand-alone tank will need to be constructed. Bay of Fundy water in mid-winter can drop close to zero.

Seahorses have been put under pressure in the wild for a variety of reasons. Loss of habitat and changing water temperatures have combined with collection for hobby aquariums and the Chinese medicine industry to leave some species in great danger. While a number of public aquariums house several different species, very few have breeding programs designed to help reduce the numbers being removed from the oceans.

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