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Fundy Discovery Aquarium
Tuesday April 16, 2013 – 9am to 5pm
$139 per person
(taxes included and lunch will be provided)

NFSTP is recognized as an accredited program in all jurisdictions across Canada that have legislated food handler certification.

In 2012, the New Brunswick Department of Health implemented a requirement for staff in licensed food premises to have up-to-date food safety training and certification. It is highly encouraged, that all food handlers working in the food service industry obtain food safety education and training.

Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue. Governments all over the world are intensifying their efforts to improve food safety. These efforts are in response to an increasing number of food safety problems and rising consumer concerns.

The National Food Safety Training Program offered at the Huntsman meets Canadian standards and encompasses provincial standards:

  • A Nationally recognized 5 year certification
  • It teaches best practices and reduces waste from the table to the grill which reduces your waste
  • It’s a pro-active risk management tool, a way for you to manage internally a kitchen before an inspector shows up.
  • This education is also very useful to people not working in the food service industry, such as those who prepare meals at home and care for others.

Having a recent certificate is an advantage when seeking employment.

To register, please contact Ashley at 506-529-1200 or email us.

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