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 PromoScience award will build on the 50-year history of marine science at the Huntsman

 JUNE 10, 2019 (St. Andrews, NB) – The National Science and Engineering Council (NSERC) recently announced that the Huntsman Marine Science Centre has been named for a prestigious PromoScience award, valued at $135,900 over a three-year period. The award to the Huntsman was part of over $9 million in funding recently announced by the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Federal Minister of Science and Sport.

PromoScience awards support hands-on learning experiences that inspire the next generation of scientists and research leaders. Huntsman will be part of a group of 96 recipients of these awards from across the country that will run summer camps, science centres, after-school programs and more. Huntsman has been a recipient of PromoScience since 2006, demonstrating the confidence of NSERC in the organization.

Since founded in 1969, Huntsman has provided marine education programs to over 1 million students, and has touched many more through visitors to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium. The goal of all these programs has been to foster a lifelong interest in science by showing students that it can be fun to learn through hands-on activities. All Huntsman education programs take students into the marine environment to explore, observe, and collect, and to bring this knowledge back into the laboratories for further investigation and learning.

The NSERC PromoScience award will be used by the Huntsman to make connections with emerging trends such as digital technologies and remotely operated vehicles with their unique field and laboratory offerings. Huntsman is the only organization on the east coast of Canada that offers this combination of experiences to students ranging from elementary to high school levels, university courses, and professional development. Students come to the Huntsman from across Canada, the United States, and worldwide.

“Our government wants to empower all young people who are naturally curious about their world around them and eager to effect change to make their world a better place to live and thrive,” said Karen Ludwig, Member of Parliament for New Brunswick Southwest. “I’m pleased to say that this award has been provided to the Huntsman, so they may carry on their exceptional work in youth science and research programming. As a lifelong educator, I can tell you that experiential learning is a very important part of a great education. We must continue to inspire, support and encourage our young people to follow their dreams.”

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre is a private, not-for-profit research and education facility whose mission is inspiring stewardship through the engagement of the community in the discovery of the oceans; the design and delivery of inspirational educational experiences; and, the advancement of marine sciences through collaborative research and the development of innovative technical solutions for our public and private sector partners.

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