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The Huntsman Marine Science Centre Marine Debris Program has entered a project idea, for a Marine Debris Education program for the Bay of Fundy.

The program aims to develop 3 initiatives that outreach with students (K-12), set up annual beach clean-ups, and create a youth marine debris art program partnering with local artists. In order to be selected as a finalist, this project needs your votes!

Please click this link to learn more and vote up to once a day, every day between October 6th-23rd.

The AVIVA Community Fund provides grants to projects that make a positive impact in their community. Finalists are decided by a voting competition that runs from October 6th-23rd.

Why is this program important?
Marine debris is both a global and local pollution issue. A recent study in the journal Science found that between 4.6-12.7 million metric tonnes of plastics are entering our oceans EACH YEAR… that’s the equivalent of 5 grocery bags filled with plastic lined up on every foot of coastline in the world!! All this garbage is harmful to marine animals, which eat it or get entangled in it, and often don’t survive. It’s also a navigational hazard, and ends up on our beaches and coastlines everywhere. A large proportion of this waste (80% is some areas) comes from everyday household activities… this means by educating and changing behaviours there can be a tangible positive steps towards reducing the amount of waste that enters our marine environment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering voting for this exciting project!

Please share on your facebook and Twitter accounts (the links are on the Aviva page) and encourage your friends and family to vote.

For more information please contact:
Reba McIver
Marine Debris Program Coordinator
Huntsman Marine Science Center
1 Lower Campus Road, St. Andrews NB CANADA E5B 2L7
T: 506-529-1225
E: reba.mciver@huntsmanmarine.ca
W: www.huntsmanmarine.ca

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