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ST. ANDREWS – While there are many road races taking place in the summer, including triathlons and marathons, one of the shortest races, taking place Saturday, July 6, is sure to be one of the most interesting.

Training doesn’t really enter into the equation either, and while it helps to be fit, this is one race where the winner can’t be predicted. The colourful race will feature a number of mascots from around the region, and will be held at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium right after the 11 a.m. seal feeding.

Already confirmed are aquarium mascots Snorkey the seal, and an un-named lobster and seahorse, a blueberry from St. George, the Chocolate Mousse and Tiffany from St. Stephen, Foreman George from the Saint John Mill Rats basketball team, Lucy the Ladybug from Kingsbrae Garden, and a few other special guests.

The event is being held in honour of the triathlon that takes place Sunday, July 7. Triathlon events consist of swimming, cycling and running, so the aquarium decided to host its own ‘triathlon.’ There will be a small display of cycling memorabilia in the aquarium, and the swimming portion of the event is covered with the fact that most of the creatures in the aquarium swim. This left the athletics part of the event open for discussion.

“We thought about how we could incorporate the running part, and decided on a race but watching the staff run around the parking lot didn’t seem too exciting,” aquarium manager Jim Cornall said.

“I remember seeing a mascot race in the UK, when 26 soccer teams’ mascots took off around a racecourse, and it was quite the event,” he added.

“There was a little bit of cheating going on, and some of the mascots had trouble heading in a straight line, which just added to the fun. We thought it might be something a little different, but now that other mascots are coming along, our mascots are a little worried about the competition. If someone brings fish, Snorkey the Seal might be easily led off course.”

Anyone with a mascot interested in participating is asked to call 529-1200 for more information, and members of the public are invited to come and catch the action right after the seal feeding.

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